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Beyonce releases 'Flawless' featuring Nikki Minaj, and references elevator fight

Beyonce and Nikki Minaj have joined their powerful forces in the music industry to release a new version of Beyonce’s song “Flawless,” according to New York Daily News on Sunday. While that pairing of the two divas would have been news enough, the event goes further. Apparently, never letting a headline go to waste – even the incredibly bad headlines about a brutal elevator ride in May and an alleged failing marriage – there is a new lyric to the “Flawless” remix which references the now-infamous elevator ride and scuffle.

Beyonce and Nikki Minaj release their remix of Flawless
YouTube screenshot

The infamous elevator scuffle, of course, involves the security camera capturing Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z getting slapped down by Beyonce’s sister - Solange Knowles - at the Standard Hotel following the Met Gala’s after-party three months ago. Now Beyonce has released a lyric in which she cleverly and blatantly raps:

We escalate up in this b-tch like elevators. Of course sometimes sh-t goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator. You can say what you want but I’m the sh-t.

The released remix of the song was released early Sunday morning, according to US Magazine. The song’s reference to the elevator ride with a billion dollars on it is all about the highly-publicized occurrence on May 5. TMZ posted the hotel elevator’s surveillance footage of Beyonce’s sister yelling at, kicking and attacking her brother-in-law via Beyonce – Jay-Z.

Since the elevator event, the three have released a statement saying that the family has moved forward and they have patched things up. Yet, the elevator fight continues to return to the headlines because it doesn’t look like things are all patched up in the Beyonce-Jay-Z household.

Furthermore, the rumors about the elevator ride and the allegedly troubled relationship are coming out on a nearly-daily basis. Most recently, it was said that the Solange attack had to do with Jay-Z’s plans to see Rihanna later that night. That information has found a trail of clues – as well as a close source claiming - that there is no love lost between Beyonce and Rihanna. Latest word is that Jay-Z is planning an “On the Run” Tour break where he and Beyonce will get away for a couple of weeks – so he can try to patch things up. They are expected to address the rumors about their challenged relationship after the tour in September.

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