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Beyonce and Jay Z: Strange bedfellows from the get-go?

Beyonce and Jay Z having marriage problems, really?
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

While Beyonce and Jay Z continue to show a very stable and extremely lucrative business coupling, a close source reports their marriage is “broken”. The queen and king of hip-hop are expected to gross $100 million with their “On the Run” tour and while the financial end of their relationship couldn’t be better, the emotional part is “permanently broken” and neither is to blame.

The Daily Beast on July 27 reports that this is the latest report coming from the New York Post, who is “either on to something, or they’re incredibly determined to break up the biggest marriage in music.” Ever since Beyonce’s sister was seen going ballistic on her brother-in-law, Jay Z, in the elevator, the couple has been ripe for broken marriage rumors.

The New York Post reports that Beyonce’s uncle said that his niece was not at all attracted to Jay Z when first meeting him. It took some “convincing” to get Beyonce to date her now husband. She was interested in his mind, as he was a “kingmaker” in the music business. The article alludes to Beyonce as being a virgin when first meeting Jay Z.

Beyonce needed to learn the ropes of the music business and Jay Z was willing to share them with her, so the queen and king of hip hop was born! The inside source said that love was never the factor that held this couple together.

While traveling on tour, the only time that Beyonce and Jay Z are together is on stage. The couple is said to be traveling with their marriage counselors in tow. Jay Z is all business and any free time is spent on the phone doing business.

As far as spilling the beans on the inside of this couples marriage, this source seemed to cover just about everything, including the notorious elevator scene with Solange. That battle was over Rihanna and the amount of time Jay Z spends with her. He was due to meet her later that night, reports the source.

Solange was saying “enough is enough” when it comes to Jay Z spending time with Rihanna. Solange accused Jay Z of sleeping (in much more graphic words) with the singer from Barbados.

This source gave the details on everything but their kitchen sink. An interesting tidbit that has absolutely nothing to do with a waning marriage, both Jay Z and Beyonce change their cell phone numbers every two weeks.

As far as the Kim KardashianKanye West wedding, the couple missed that for a variety of reasons, starting with Jay Z being against that union calling it bad for business. Beyonce is against Kim Kardashian using her for a social climbing tool and the wedding was “too low rent” for Beyonce, claims this source close to the couple.

It seems that the Solange vs. Jay Z elevator fight cracked open the extremely guarded private life of this couple. If this information has any truth to it, then it seems that the marriage is more of a business venture than a romantic pairing. What little romance that may have been there, is waning fast.

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