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Beyonce and Jay-Z stay at separate hotels during 'On the Run' tour

Jay-Z and Beyonce
Jay-Z and Beyonce
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The personal troubles between Beyonce and Jay-Z continue to make headlines as their “On the Run” tour rolls on. The latest is that the power couple of stage and song have gotten to the point that they are not only staying in separate rooms during the hotel – but it is now reported that they are even booking rooms at two different hotels. Yet, during the concerts they are acting so much in love – and that front of being so much in love is enhanced by Beyonce’s social media posts after the concerts, according to Page Six on Monday evening.

The report also reveals that there was an emergency meeting with Jay-Z, Beyonce, Live Nation – the concert’s promoter, and HBO, as well as no less than four lawyers. The lawyers have joined the entourage of those on the tour to work things out amongst all involved. A source said that Live Nation CEO Michael Rapine and HBO chief Richard Pellet wanted the emergency meeting before the whole thing between Jay-Z and Beyonce becomes a public relations nightmare. Many believe it has already.

The meeting, held on Thursday, was to discuss the troubled relationship between the two stars of the tour in which rumors of a quickly crumbling marriage and an allegedly impending divorce have been widely reported. Executives at the meeting very much wanted to issue a statement to media and the public. However, Jay-Z and Beyonce wouldn’t support a public statement being put out because they couldn’t agree on what the statement would say.

For a time, on Monday, the word was that it was feared that the $120 million tour wouldn’t make it to San Francisco and Paris as previously scheduled, but – according to the Daily Mail – that is no longer a concern. They are playing San Francisco conclude the U.S. part of the tour now, and it is now reported that those involved believe that the concert will continue on to the Paris, France dates in September despite troubles. Naturally, promoters and HBO want the tour to continue as scheduled.

Not only do the promoters at Live Nation have a lot at stake here, but so does HBO which is filming shows to create an “On the Run” Tour special for the television filming company. HBO is planning to telecast a major special on the tour next month. Apparently, all of the rumors about the couple’s demise, which includes the latest in which Beyonce has been looking for her own residence, has made those involved very nervous, PR-wise.

The latest says that the couple showed up at a star-studded party in Los Angeles after their concert there but had nothing to do with each other while they were there. Yet, they arrived and left the event together. As Beyonce continues to flood social media with the photos that seriously attempt to give the impression that all is well personally, just as it is on stage, Jay-Z is reportedly very concerned about his public image through all this and even fears that Beyonce will hook up with Oprah or Barbara Walters and do some talking after this alleged mess of a relationship ends.

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