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Beyonce and Jay Z serve up 'near perfection' on stage for Seattle fans

Wednesday, July 30, Beyonce and Jay Z reached 'near perfection' at Safeco during their "On the Run" concert according to an article written in Soundposts by writer Andrew Matson. From vocals to choreography, their performance captivated onlookers. In particular, video images of them as outlaws set an overpowering precedence.

These pictures show Beyonce and Jay Z during happier days.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images
Are these the faces of any unhappy couple?
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

For Seattle music lovers, this couple's visit served as an unforgettable moment; one fans can recount to family and close associates for decades. In addition, if this dynamic duo splits up as being rumored by gossip mills, this concert may even be more relevant. Most likely, locals and others from surrounding areas will never see this pair perform together on stage again.

Whispers about Beyonce and Jay Z's un-wedded bliss date back a few years. Allegedly, rampant infidelity and physical abuse damaged their relationship. Although unconfirmed, these issues reportedly inspired Solange's attack on her brother-in-law during the infamous elevator video. True or not, this R&B diva and renown rapper appear together these days as a united front.

Several pictures have popped up throughout the Internet of them in outings with their daughter, Blue Ivy. Then, of course, there's their current tour. So, despite the rumors, as a family, they seem happy. If divorce is imminent, the tale-tell signs are missing. However, regardless of what happens, followers of this power couple will win big.

We all know what happens when a singer/rapper ditches a spouse, he or she creates a bounty of prolific songs about heartache. This route seems to be the most common way a creative soul releases pain. However, in the meanwhile, Beyonce and Jay Z are giving Seattle music fans what they want - awesome live performances worthy of high priced tickets.

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