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Beyonce and Jay-Z on brink of split

Beyonce and Jay-Z
Beyonce and Jay-Z
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Rumors of a potential Beyonce and Jay-Z divorce heated up today with a report that Beyonce has been shopping for a luxury apartment for her and baby Blue Ivy. The popular songstress is said to be interested in a $21 million dollar penthouse in Chelsea, NY and is said to be on the verge of leaving Jay-Z as soon as the final pieces of the puzzle are in place.

Sources close to the couple have said that the two have remained together as a business arrangement and that "there is no love" in their marriage any longer. Among the reasons for the split are allegations that Jay-Z has had an affair with singer Rihanna and his close relationship with designer Rachel Roy. A May 5, 2014 heavily publicized altercation between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles was said to have been about Jay-Z and the relationship with Roy and sources have said that Jay-Z had intentions of meeting with Rihanna later that same night.

There are also reports that Jay-Z has a very controlling nature and is involved in many aspects of the career of Beyonce, allegedly making decisions about her career without consulting her, as well as controlling their finances, merchandising and even where they live and how Blue Ivy is to be cared for. Jay-Z is said to be emotionally distant from Beyonce which leaves her feeling alone quite often and Beyonce has tried to reach out to her husband through her music with one song, "Resentment" illustrating her feelings of frustration with her marriage.

Beyonce was a star before getting involved with Jay-Z but those close to the couple say he has been outspokenly taking credit for her success and adding that Beyonce would not be the star she is today if not for him.

While not unusual for power couples to have more than one home or even more than one apartment in the same city, what makes Beyonce looking for another penthouse unusual is that she is doing so without Jay-Z and according to some, without his knowledge.

Rihanna is a thorn in the side of Beyonce not only because of her relationship with Jay-Z but due to Rihanna antagonizing Beyonce after being named the most influential star in the UK by sending an Instagram photo with the caption “How dat feel down there on ya knees, Huh?!” an apparent reference to Beyonce’s song, “Bow Down.”

Whether the two do split and divorce only time will tell and if the two are actually still together as a business relationship (similar to what Bill and Hillary Clinton are alleged to have arranged) how much further Beyonce is willing to let it go.

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