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Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumors: Jay Z's philandering pushes Beyonce away?

Jay Z and Beyonce headed for divorce? Jay Z's eye for the ladies has become problematic, so say the rumors!
Jay Z and Beyonce headed for divorce? Jay Z's eye for the ladies has become problematic, so say the rumors!
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Beyonce and Jay Z are surrounded by a whirlwind of divorce rumors, which were reportedly prompted by reports of Jay Z's cheating with Rita Ora and Rihanna. Are the couple headed for divorce court? There is some evidence that suggests that this could be the case today.

According to The Inquisitr on June 7, the possibility certainly is strengthened by recent incidents like last month's fight scene in the elevator between Beyonce's protective sister and Jay Z. Once the fur stopped flying it was revealed that Jay Z's flirting with Rachel Roy at the Met Gala triggered that fight.

According to Fashion and Style, once Jay Z and Beyonce finish up with their "On the Run" tour, the two are rumored to be headed for divorce. They too cite the allegations of Jay Z hooking up with famous ladies such as Rihanna and Rita Ora as the reason.

Is Jay Z that much of a player to be tied to more than one woman in extramarital affairs? Reports put Beyonce fed up with the cheating and the lies today and it appears she isn't feeling too alone as Jay Z's alleged flings take time away from the couple. She allegedly found a fix to her loneliness with a long-time body guard.

It appears that Jay Z isn't the only one giving out vibes of infidelity these days. Reports suggest that Beyonce's relationship with her body guard is putting a wedge in between her and Jay Z.

Julius De Boer has been with Beyonce for quite some time and back in February, Jay Z wanted him gone because he suspected a romance blooming between his wife and her protector. Beyonce said "Julius isn't going anywhere" and that was the end of that, he is still with the singer.

According to the rumors Julius has even stayed in Beyonce's room. While that does sound a bit scandalous, he certainly wouldn't be the first bodyguard to stay in a celebrity's room. When Beyonce is away on tour, especially in another country, it could be that that it gets a bit scary being saturated with fans.

Celebrities have stalkers and fans that push the envelope when it comes to finding ways to get near them. If Beyonce did have her body guard in her room, it could be for a reason along these lines, for nothing more than protection.

Then again there's always the possibility that they've spent so much time together that the two have become close in the romance department. She certainly wouldn't be the first celebrity who hooked up with their body guard. Even Princess Diana was rumored to have had an affair with a body guard.

The couple's recent behaviors, like the brawl on the elevator between Solange and Jay Z. Solange was supposedly protecting the honor of her sister as Jay Z played the ladies man at the Met Gala with Roy. Then Beyonce and Jay Z didn't make it to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's wedding, even though Kanye and Jay Z are best friends.

It was rumored that Jay Z's flirting with Rachel Roy, who is Kim's best friend and who was attending the wedding, caused an angry Beyonce to refuse to go to the wedding. These recent incidents have fueled the fire for divorce rumors.

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