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Beyonce and Jay Z divorce: Cheating rumors proof? Lies, partying 'need' to stop

Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumors are reaching a new peak this week, with talk of alleged cheating on the part of rapper Jay Z. While no proof has been given that either Beyonce Knowles or her husband has been unfaithful in their marriage, Life and Style as well as Star Magazine have reported this week that the “Single Ladies” singer is saying that both the lies and the partying need to stop. Classicalite shares this Tuesday, June 10, 2014, that Beyonce essentially has had enough, especially in light of the Solange assault video going viral late last month, and wants to work on improving their marriage together.

Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumors, cheating and lie claims
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

It’s been a difficult past few weeks for the celebrity music couple, and a resurfacing of Jay Z and Beyonce divorce gossip isn’t easing any of the tension. Yet part of these rumors suggest that the “Irreplaceable” star is going to make personally sure that any alleged cheating by her husband is put to an immediate stop, and that begins by stepping out of the limelight with much less partying. “Now,” a well-known UK tabloid, is asserting that Beyonce is wanting an end to Jay Z’s “lies” and embarrassing times.

"The infamous lift video [with the Solange assault fight in the elevator] is something Bey would rather forget. To get her own back for all the rumors, which Jay Z has denied, she's making sure he avoids situations that could cause similar embarrassment."

Word of the power duo’s relationship being on the rocks is being supported by Life and Style this week as well, though again any proof of Jay Z cheating on Beyonce has not been presented, save for inside sources. Offers one online celebrity news report:

In an article featured in upcoming section of Life & Style magazine, Beyonce has at last learned about the lies and needs them to stop. She has allegedly heard rumors about Jay hooking up with many different women for years, including Rihanna and Rita Ora … Now, she has to be sure that there is some real truth to all the hushed talk. [It seems] that in order to become the strong woman that the "Single Ladies" star symbolizes for her fans is to accept what's going on behind the scenes once and for all, which she is at last doing. The source anticipates a huge split Beyonce and Jay-Z after their 'On the Run' tour comes to an end, too.

The IB Times offers a similar claim of divorce rumors surrounding the couple, though they in fact propose that it may have been Beyonce cheating on Jay Z as the real source of trouble in their marriage. Apparently, says Star Magazine, Beyonce might be having an affair with none other than her buff bodyguard, Julius De Boer. Allegedly, the rapper suspects that there is something romantic present in their relationship, and he’s suspicious because Beyonce refuses to get rid of De Boer.

"Jay Z definitely thinks that there was and still may be something romantic going on between Bey and Julius. [Jay Z] wanted to fire Julius last February, but Beyonce said, 'Julius isn't going anywhere.' He wasn't happy about it. He doesn't like Julius at all."

In addition to all of this Beyonce and Jay Z divorce talk — which again is not verified, so perhaps the rumor mill needs only to run its usual course — there is gossip of a Julia Roberts split from her husband, too. Insiders are claiming that Roberts is getting a bit too flirty with Mark Ruffalo, her “The Normal Heart” co-star on the widely anticipated set.

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