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Beyonce admits to prenup with husband Jay-Z and one of them gets paid

Beyonce and Jay-Z Prenup
Beyonce and Jay-Z Prenup
AP Photo/Charles Sykes
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In a German interview for Neon Magazine, Beyonce appears to let loose with a lot of personal information. The interview was done was in German and translated to English so it’s not clear how much of the dialogue was lost in translation. At times Beyonce appears defensive, while the interviewer came off as brass and extremely rude.

In the Magazine, Beyonce admits that she does have a prenup with her husband Jay-Z and that it is a smart thing for a woman to do. According to the interviewer, if they separate after two years, one of them will receive $10 million dollars. For each year of marriage after that time, an additional one million dollars is added to the pot. Although, it is not clear who will receive this money. One translation claims that it is Beyonce who will have to pay and another one claims that Jay-Z will receive the money.

Here is the translated interview:

Interviewer: With your early hits “No No No (Part II)” and “Survivor” You sang the independence and autonomy of modern women. Today, you seem to only perform on MTV, if you get at least three prices. And if you want to shop unencumbered you send a doppelganger to the museum.

Beyonce: In the double act they are the joke of a radio station with whom I had nothing to do. In addition, you start from the completely wrong assumptions. You should take extra tuition.

Interviewer: Doesn’t it make you sad, that you can’t even go shopping, to experience no normal life?

Beyonce: Why should it? Because I don’t have to arguing with any cashiers? In addition, changing the basic feelings do not matter whether you are rich or poor. The dimensions ever push themselves. But whether the pride of a young woman was injured because her office colleague was promoted because her classmate did a better exam or because another singer in Australia is more popular than they – there will always be injuries. And there will always be women who are from these injuries can be angry, furious strength, pride of strength – and perhaps out of pride, a good song.
“The feelings do not change – whether rich or poor”

Interviewer: You talking about the singer PINK who performed nearly sixty times in Australia this year and made nearly a new world record?

Beyonce: You’re a rogue. Just to get back out: I love Fendi, I do not know what a pack of butter costs and still I am a good singer! The idea that one must necessarily from below or from the absolute population average, are coming, maybe even out of the gutter and stay there to continue to write a play or sing to you, excites me.

Interviewer: Is your life easier since you are multimillionaire?

Beyonce: The fear of the student, have no future, being dependent on her boyfriend, objectively weigh heavier than the fears that torment me. Only music from subjective feeling arises – and subjective fears, many musicians have lost. We feel pain and depression, just like other people. What separates us, is perhaps the price of butter. But all that is essential, I feel like every hard working woman.

Interviewer: For example?

Beyonce: For example, I believe that in my relationship with Jay-Z – as in any genuine relationship – not everything is easy. I want children – not now, later. He’s entirely not aware of that fact yet. I want to sit around at home, also times in a tracksuit pants. He assumes and believes that women even wear high heels just to go to the bathroom.

Interviewer: Apparently Jay-Z has to pay you ,in the case of a separation after two years of marriage, ten million dollars, for each additional year of marriage is added an additional one million.

Beyonce: Anyone who thinks so because of what? I do not deny that there is a marriage contract. I would encourage any woman getting married to put on such a treaty, it will gain more influence on self-esteem. For details, I don’t express myself . I am not here on trial.

Interviewer: Beyoncé Knowles, 28?

Beyonce: I won my first talent contest with seven, got a record deal with fifteen, and started through with 21 solo. After earning more than 10 Grammys , singing at Obama’s swearing in, there is only one objective: I want to win an Oscar.

I like: Maple syrup – my cat “Master P” – the “Multi Color Convertible Bag” by Fendi

I dislike: greedy white producers – anonymous posts on the net – bitchy people

Source: Neon Magazine


  • TANGELA 5 years ago


  • Danielle 5 years ago

    I agree that does not sound like her talking at all.

  • Terry 5 years ago

    Yes, I agree with the writer, something might have been lost in translation. Because B is not usually like this in interviews.

  • fatu sankoh 5 years ago

    that did not sound like bey god bless our bey

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Fake interview.... She doesn't answer questions like that. Such bullish*t

  • Ayanda 1 year ago

    Yea erm thats all crap Beyonce wud never ever talk like that on interviews and she dont even talk about her relationship that openly

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