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Beyoncé surfboard Instagram: Singer tries to show all is well with Jay-Z

A Beyoncé photo featuring her on a surfboard on Instagram is stirring up more speculation about her marriage to Jay-Z today. Rumors circulate the couple's marriage very regularly now, and it is rumored their marriage will cease to exist by the end of the year. Beyoncé does not seem to care about the rumors surrounding her relationship though. She shared a number of photos featuring herself and Jay-Z over the weekend, and her smiling face is clear to see. E! Online reported on the photos on July 27.

Beyonce smiles in a new Instagram photo while on vacation with Jay-Z.
Beyonce Instagram

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are still happily together, if these photos are to be believed. The husband and wife are in the middle of a break from their current tour. The On the Run tour was back on the road last night, and they stopped in Canada for a show. The couple took the time to enjoy some sun though. The photo shared by the singer stirring up the most controversy features her laying on a surfboard. She shared two photos featuring the prop.

It is being reported that the surfboard photos are a reference to a lyric from one of the couple's duets. The surfboard is a sexual position the couple sings about. Could Beyoncé be showing off that all is well with her marriage by showing off the surfboard? There is no real way to know that the surfboard photos are a cheeky reference to her romance with Jay-Z.

The surfboard photos are not the only photos the singer shared during their romantic trip. There are more photos of her, a photo with two wine glasses, and a photo of Jay-Z looking at the sunset. The singer also shared a photo of the couple with Blue Ivy last week as well. The couple swings their young daughter in between them.

It is clear that Beyoncé is trying to show the world that all is well in her marriage. Reports in the media about the couple have tried to show that the couple has a troubled marriage. According to The Daily Beast, the New York Post has released two reports in the last week about the crumbling marriage of the superstar couple.

The reports state that the couple wants to split, but they do not want a public divorce because of their current tour. A divorce would cause problems for the tour, and promoters paid most of the money for the tour up front. Beyoncé and Jay-Z will make over $100 from the tour. The reports go on to claim that Jay-Z is controlling, and he had to convince Beyoncé to date him. There are also reports of Beyoncé being a virgin when they met and rumored open relationship surrounding the couple.

All of these details come from a source close to the couple, but the couple has not spoken out about the claims. Find out more about the reports by watching the video. These selfie photos are the only response the media is getting from Beyoncé about the current rumors it seems. Does she need to prove that her relationship is solid? She should not have to. Her relationship with Jay-Z is her business. These reports are just rumors and speculation, and they are stirring up things. That is all. Beyoncé's smile is definitely a sight to see, and it should be taken as proof that she is happy for the moment.

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