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Beyoncé pizza inspired outfit draws attention after vegan announcement

Is it any wonder that Beyoncé is the most searched celebrity of 2013? Just days after announcing that she and her husband Jay-Z were becoming vegan, albeit temporarily, Beyoncé showed up in public wearing an outfit that was very much reminiscent of a pepperoni pizza.

Beyoncé beat out the popular reality starlet Kim Kardashian as the most searched celebrity on Bing in 2013. Less than one week later, on Dec. 6, 2013, got their hands on a photograph of the singer ordering vegetarian food while wearing an outfit that was clearly a nod to her eat meat-eating roots.

Beyoncé's longsleeved top was covered in neat rows and columns of pepperoni pizzas on a plain white background. Each of the whimsical pizza pies was the size of the palm of her hand. Her skintight leggings continued the pizza theme with palm-sized pepperoni slices pictured against a background of ooey gooey white and yellow cheese.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z were getting take-out food at L.A.’s vegan Café Gratitude when she was spotted in the delicious outfit. With style like hers, Beyoncé is a shoe-in to be the most searched person of 2014 as well.

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