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Beyoncé and Jay-Z: Marriage is hotter than planted divorce rumor

After a media frenzy of gossip with stories of the imminent divorce between America’s power couple, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, a loving family scene was portrayed at the Emmy’s this week. Then Beyoncé's father dropped a bombshell, as reported by the Huffington Post on August 29, 2014, “Beyonce's Dad Says Divorce Rumors Were Planted.” According to her dad, the rumors were to help ticket sales of "On the Run." So it seems that their love was not compromised by rumors of Jay- Z’s wandering eyes, which date back more than a year connecting him with Miss Belgium. Perhaps we should all assume that claims about the couple renegotiating their pre-nuptial agreement were nothing more than gossip.

Marriage is still hot for power couple.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Last year rumors of Jay-Z and his cheating ways swirled through the Internet. These were revived when the gossips said it was happening again as the alleged reason behind Beyoncé's little sister attacking Jay-Z in an elevator last May. It was rumored to be related to his cheating. Security camera footage was obtained and released by TMZ. What was the real story? Since neither one of them would talk, no one knew for sure despite the CNN report, “5 theories behind the Jay Z, Beyoncé, Solange fight.

If what her father is saying is true, the fight was all part of a publicity stunt. If that was the case, then perhaps we can understand why -- after the elevator scene -- the couple put on happy faces and showed the world their affectionate nature at a Monday night basketball game almost immediately after the brawl. Maybe this couple thrives on gossip, just as some couples thrive on telling each other of past loves and lovers. Or maybe they are what they seem to be -- a married couple in love.

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