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Beyoncé and Jay-Z: Marriage and tour thrives on planted rumors

Two shockers have emerged after several months of cheating rumors and divorce gossip regarding Beyoncé and Jay-Z. After a media frenzy, which included talk of renegotiations on their pre-nuptial agreement, Beyoncé being fed up with her man’s wandering eyes, and even a denial by an alleged mistress – a new twist on family and divorce rumors has emerged. First there was a loving family scene at the Emmy’s to quiet the gossips. Then the Huffington Post on August 29, 2014 revealed, “Beyonce's Dad Says Divorce Rumors Were Planted.” The gossip has apparently helped sell tour tickets.

Beyoncé and Jay Z showing family love at the Emmy's
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

It all started with an elevator scene between the power couple and little sister, Solange. And according to reports, sales have skyrocket for Solange’s recordings as well as for tour tickets. As you read here in May, the now infamous elevator brawl raced through the Internet after TMZ leaked a security tape showing Beyoncé's little sister raging at Jay Z. There were questions as to what happened and why Beyoncé just stood by and watched. It had people wondering if it was staged. In true fashion after the elevator scene the couple put on happy faces and appeared to be affectionate at a Monday night basketball game shortly after the elevator brawl.

Cheating rumors, which began a year ago implicating Miss Belgium, seem to create even more talk after an alleged young mistress appeared in the picture. But the woman was so furious that Hollybaby reported, “Jay Z's Alleged Mistress Casey Cohen Files Lawsuit.” As for the power couple – all seems to be going profitably well. If the planted rumors are true, it will undoubtedly have little affect on how fans feel about the couple.

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