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Beyoncé and Jay-Z divorce rumors: After 'On the Run' tour ends they'll split up?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z divorce rumors are in the headlines every day, and with each one comes new information that seems more damning of their marriage. According to a July 29 report out by The Inquisitr, the latest news cited in New York Post's Page Six reveals that things are rocky behind-the-scenes for the superstar couple.

The main "equation" of their marriage is "business." The two are leading talents in the hip-hop industry as well as music itself, a source explains to Page Six. Neither one of them want to let go of that valuable partnership. Their "On the Run" tour is expected to gross $100 million, Forbes reported.

When Solange Knowles attacked Jay-Z in the elevator back in May, she was reportedly angered at her brother-in-law, telling him that he "must be [screwing] Rihanna."

Jay-Z was suppose to meet up with Rihanna later at his club 40/40, according to the report. The singer is a protege of Jay-Z's.

The source speaking to Page Six says:

"Knowing them as I do, obviously there’s a little something to certain rumors. When your man or your woman isn’t getting it done for you, and I’m talking emotionally, not necessarily sexually … they keep things quiet."

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are said by the source to divorce after their tour that ends in mid-September. The two are avoiding the tabloid rumors and heavy reports that a split is imminent.

The source continues:

"There’s face-saving involved — they don’t want to be looked at like other celebrities out there. They are business people first, entertainers second. Husband and wife comes somewhere down the line."

As the insider shares, it's not about whether they'll split, but how they'll split. It's all about protecting the brand for them. Marriage counselors are supposedly traveling with the couple while on tour, but Jay-Z's phone is constantly ringing and he's on the phone "making deal after deal."

Beyoncé and Jay-Z sound like they're headed for divorce if all of this true. More will likely surface when the pair are through with their "On the Run" tour. They have a lot at stake right now.

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