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Beware the Standard Liberal

Here in Minnesota and all over the country, there are many fractious groups who employ sleight-of-hand and trickery to con people into supporting their causes. Frequently, these groups win support by pretending to advocate for things that sound good, but don’t really support their supposed principles, a fact their actions often bear out. One of these groups is the “Standard Liberals”.

What makes a Standard Liberal?

A Standard Liberal decries the influence of Corporate America and their big money in electoral politics yet ignores or even cozies up to the influence of organized labor, a collection of VERY large pools of workers that owes its considerable economic clout to the very sort of exploitation of workers and fear mongering that the Standard Liberal also claims to oppose.

A Standard Liberal will speak at length about believing in “public safety”, but constantly advocates for increased gun control and other restrictions—monetary and otherwise—that take individual protection out of the hands of individuals and concentrates that power with an ever-growing police state, a police state the Left often claims to despise. A Standard Liberal never realizes that gun control actually strengthens and emboldens the police state.

A Standard Liberal cries out for “Social Justice” on issues like health care reform, yet offers up remedies that largely leave the previous system intact or even creates a bulked-up version of it. Perhaps their solution shuffles around a few people and things to give the outward appearance of new and exciting reform, but in reality it fails to substantially change anything. Additionally, “Social Justice” is a frequently-taught religious idea in certain religious circles, yet we hear no complaints against legislating this particular piece of theological doctrine.

A Standard Liberal decries government involvement in peoples’ bedrooms or other cause célèbre social issues. On the other hand, government involvement in virtually everything else is perfectly acceptable according to a Standard Liberal, a position that actually enables government intervention in peoples’ bedrooms.

All of this and more sufficiently exposes the vast hypocrisy that permeates the Left today. With all of this in mind, how can anybody be a Standard Liberal? It’s counterintuitive!





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