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Beware the Standard Conservative

Here in Minnesota and all over the country, there are many fractious groups who employ sleight-of-hand and trickery to con people into supporting their causes. Frequently, these groups win support by pretending to advocate for things that sound good, but don’t really support their supposed principles, a fact their actions often bear out. One of these groups is the “Standard Conservatives”.

What makes a Standard Conservative?

A Standard Conservative decries the influence of unions and their big money in electoral politics, yet ignores or even cozies up to the influence of Corporate America, a collection of VERY large businesses who owe their considerable economic clout to the very sort of government interference the Standard Conservative also claims to oppose.

A Standard Conservative will speak at length about believing in “the Second Amendment”, but constantly advocates for increased spending on the police state to “protect” us. It never once occurs to the Standard Conservative that discussions of safety and security should begin with an armed citizenry rather than an armed State. A Standard Conservative never realizes that a police state actually erodes and degrades the Second Amendment.

A Standard Conservative derides “government’s socialized medicine” day in and day out, but turns around to support increased spending on various veterans’ benefits, including VA hospitals, which constitute government’s socialized medicine. In this way, they unwittingly gave the thing they despise a foot in the door.

A Standard Conservative doesn’t want “government running peoples’ lives and telling them how to live or making their decisions”, but follows up by demanding government intervention on a whole host of social issues that don’t deal with anybody’s rights being violated. All the while, they miss the realization that in so doing, they actually enable government intervention in peoples’ lives.

All of this and more sufficiently exposes the vast hypocrisy that permeates the Right today. With all of this in mind, how can anybody be a Standard Conservative? It’s counterintuitive!


  • perry77 4 years ago

    I agree with the above article. Adding to this conservative view. I find it interesting that the very conservatives who are now touting that it was there idea to stop earmarks are the same conservatives that did not hear Our President say that very thing in his State of The Union Address. Telling the Congress to keep thier spicial interest earmarks out of the the Health bill. A word of conservative advice ignored by Republicans across the board. Good article

  • Jordon 4 years ago

    I agree with you in regard to the section about socialized medicine and the VA, but would argue that the "standard" conservative would much rather keep government out of social issues. I also feel that the "standard" conservative would prefer a citizenry able to protect themselves, but making "protection" a state issue is better than opening it to the federal government.

  • Profile picture of Matt Rothchild
    Matt Rothchild 4 years ago


    The Standard Conservative is very much an activist when it comes to social issues and tends to take up positions that bring more government power and control into the equation.

    As to your point about protection: support an armed citizenry first and an armed State second. In a country that's supposed to be run and controlled by the People, an armed citizenry should at LEAST be equal in standing to an armed State.

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