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Beware the Ides of March Holidays

St. Paddy’s Day, Easter, Passover, the Ides of March, Daylight Savings Time, March is slam full of holidays you don’t want to over look.

March 5.  Multiple Personality Day
March 5. Multiple Personality Day
internet/Rus Pishnery
March Holidays
internet/Rus Pishnery

For example. March 3 is If Pets had Thumbs Day and if you don’t own a chimpanzee minkey, this holiday is fun.

March 5 is Multiple Personality Day, a holiday that was started by six different people in the same body! On that day if you are in the grocery store or waiting in line at the bank and you overhear someone talking to themselves, do not be alarmed. It’s just another citizen celebrating Multiple Personality Day.

March 7 is National Cereal Day; do not confuse this one with October 7 which is National Serial Killer Day. Goddess of Fertility is March 18, celebrating Aphrodite, Ceres, the Norse Goddess Urd and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I usually cruise the singles bars to celebrate that one and I bring plenty of protection.

National Goof-Off Day is March 22, another holiday I like to celebrate more than once a year. March 20 is X-Tra Terrestrial Abduction Day, make sure to wear your tinfoil hat that day, and March 23 is National Chip & Dip Day. Here’s something to help you celebrate.


1 Pkg. 8 Oz. Onion Soup Mix

16 Oz. Sour Cream

Pour in to a bowl, mix it up good and serve chilled with chips.

March 28 is a good one. It is Celebrate Something on a Stick Day. This is a good one because you can put almost anything on a stick. Corndogs, severed Zombie heads, popsicles, marshmallows, dog poop even fondue. Again, don’t confuse this holiday with Something on a Shingle Day. I hate it when I get those two mixed up. National Grape Popsicle Day is May 27 and National Cherry Popsicle Day is August26 so you can celebrate popsicles three times a year if you want. I prefer to celebrate the popsicle at least once a week, more during the summer.


1 Pkg. Kool-Aid (Any flavor)

1 Pkg. Jello (Any flavor)

1 Cup Sugar

2 Cups Boiling Water (Any flavor)

2 Cups Cold Water (Any flavor)

Dissolve Jello and sugar in boiling water, dissolve Kool-Aid in cold water and mix the two together.

Pour into 3 oz. paper or plastic cups or popsicle molds.

Freeze until almost frozen and insert sticks. Freeze until set.

To round out the full slate of March holidays, I like to combine three or four of these holidays all in one. March 30 is take a Walk in the Park Day, so to celebrate I like to celebrate Something on a Stick Day, (A Popsicle) as well as National Serial Killers Day and Multiple Personality Day all at the same time…At night! And bring plenty of protection.

Check out the cool video and slideshow to garner some ideas on how to celebrate March.

Happy March everybody.

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