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Beware of your Jell-o pudding Long Island


Check your pudding out carefully before eating.  ZF Photography

Jell-o brand pudding on Long Island has been tampered with this past week.  So far, in four different supermarkets 10 boxes of Jell-o pudding had something other then pudding mix inside.  Three of the grocery stores are in Suffolk County and one in Nassau County.

Someone apparently buys the pudding and replaces it with something similar to pudding mix.  The pudding is returned to the store for a cash refund.  The tampering goes unnoticed when the product is returned, but once the box is open something is not right.  The replaced pudding mix has been tested and is not harmful, but authorities cannot identify what it is.  If your box of Jell-o pudding looks suspicious after opening - do not eat it and call police.

The supermarkets with the tampered pudding were in the towns of Brookhaven, Huntington, Smithtown and Woodbury.  These supermarkets have removed all Jell-o products from their shelves and are working with police.

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