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Beware of what you eat, 'Soylent Green' and zombies are on tonight

TCM and chef Anthony Bordain have been doing the Friday Night Spotlight about Food in the Movies since the start of this month. Tonight starting at 11 pm CST things are getting darker in food. For those who love "Soylent Green" and "Night of the Living Dead," you might want to stay up late tonight and catch them.

"Soylent Green," a Charlton Heston picture that was based off the of the Harry Harrison's classic science fiction novel, "Make Room! Make Room!" "Soylent Green" is probably one of the most popular 70s sci-fi films and it's one of the last films that Edward G. Robinson starred in. Richard Fleischer directed the film, he's also known for such films like "Red Sonja," Conan the Destroyer," "Dr. Doolite," (60s version), and several other pictures. If you haven't seen this movie yet you'll have to watch it at 11 pm. CST. You'll get to see what everyone is quoting about.

"Night of the Living Dead," is next, starting at 12:45. This film is a popular movie that changed the way zombie movies were filmed. It was quite unsettling to people when it first aired, and it's still like that for many viewers. George A. Romero directed this movie, and several sequels. The 1968 movie is the best though (in my opinion), it's chilling though the others are great too, especially "Dawn of the Dead." Judith O'Dea, Duane Jones, and Russell Streiner starred in this zombie chiller. It's another movie under the title of Friday Night's Spotlight, "People Food."

So if you love food and horror/sci-fi flicks then you won't want to miss this TCM (Turner Classic Movies) event that starts at 11 tonight!

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