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Beware Of Using Handheld Devices With Nickel Contents

Beware Of Using Handheld Devices With Nickel Contents
Beware Of Using Handheld Devices With Nickel Contents

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are the prevalent products in the electronics market these days. More and more people are purchasing and using these devices with time. However, the increasing numbers of these devices have exposed people to many different types of dangers as well. For example, holding the phone too long against your ear and cheek could cause rashes. The radiation from smartphones and tablets could be harmful too if these devices are excessively used. A new case that has emerged associated with the smartphones and tablets is the allergy caused by the nickel contents in the making of these devices.

iPad has been reported as the major point of concern by pediatricians and dermatologists due to the presence of nickel in its making. Recently, a case involving an 11-year old boy was reported in which the child’s dermatitis case worsened due to his contact with the nickel. For some months the doctors were not able to accurately identify the cause of his worsening condition of dermatitis but later on they did. It was brought to the knowledge of the doctors that the family had an old model (1st generation) of iPad and that the boy was using it more frequently lately.

The iPad was tested and it was found out that it did contain nickel. Subsequently, the doctors advised the family to keep the iPad away from the child or cover it from all sides with a case or sleeve. The child’s diet was also controlled and things containing any hint of nickel were avoided. This showed great signs as the dermatitis got better with time and a huge improvement was seen within 6 months of the avoidance. It must be noted here that nickel is one of the metals that cause allergies more frequently and are good inducers of allergies.

For now, it hasn’t be revealed whether nickel is present in all the later versions of the iPad as well. IPad is not the only thing to be blamed here for causing allergies. There are many other things used in homes daily that contain nickel. For example, belts with metal buckles, piercing items, electric appliances, etc. According to an expert from Houston compounding pharmacy, a person with a sensitive skin that is prone to allergies must avoid contact with anything that contains nickel, not just the iPad. The case of the 11-year old child was also brought to Apple’s attention to which a response was also received.

Officials from Apple stated that only the highest quality materials are used in the making of their products. They further elaborated that their standards are perfectly in compliance with the US laws that govern the making of jewelry. The doctors are advised by the experts that they should carefully examine their patients with skin conditions and tell them to avoid contact with not only the things that contain nickel but generally anything that is made of metal. It is because if a product is made of metal, the chances are high that nickel is one of its contents and can induce allergies.