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Beware of tick season

Nothing is more gross and scary than petting your dog or cat and finding that tell-tale fleshy bump that says tick season has arrived. The weather is warm, and the ticks are hungry, so make sure you are checking your pets for ticks to avoid making them go through misery (and possible danger) all summer long.

Pet your dogs and cats down, checking for ticks in the most common areas- the ears, neck, and in the armpits or underbelly. You can tell a tick by the soft fleshy feel or skin tag appearance. If you find a tick, remove it properly or contact your local veterinarian to remove it for you.

There is no true way to prevent ticks without putting your pet on some type of tick prevention regimen, which can include medicine or collars that keep fleas and ticks at bay. If you live in an area where deer ticks or other dangerous ticks are prominent, it's especially important to make sure that your pet(s) are protected and don't have to suffer from these gross blood suckers all season long.

If you don't know how to remove a tick from your animal, there are many videos available online or your vet can remove them for you. While gross, ticks that are embedded in your pet already are slow to move, so removing them is fairly easy once you know what to do.

For a happy and healthy pet, make sure you check your furry critters for these nasty litter buggers all through the spring and summer to avoid having ticks take over your poor home and pets!

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