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Beware of the Guy Who Moves too Fast

So you met a guy and everything is great. In fact everything is too great. He is acting the way he should a year after you started dating instead of one month.

Guys do have one thing on their mind but if they are pushing sex or only want to make out when they see you, most likely they are after one thing. The right guy will wait you are ready and won't mind hanging out. After all when you get physical too soon, it ruins a relationship.

If a guy says he loves you too soon than that is something to watch out for. It takes awhile to find out weather or not you love someone.

If you feel a guy is moving too fast tell him too slow down. If he doesn't than he is not the guy for you. There are a million guys out there and sooner or later you will find your prince. It is all about timing.

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