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Beware of the Guy Who is Too Good to be True

Have you ever met a guy who had everything you want? He was good looking, loved his family, told you everything you wanted to hear and was doing the right things and then all of a sudden he dumped you with no legit reason? If you had that experience most likely you had the guy that was too good to be true.

There are good guys in the world but most players come off as too good to be true. They act all nice and that they care about a girl then when they get or don't get what they want they leave.

Human beings are not perfect. Sure at one point or another people meet their perfect match but when you meet a guy without a flaw it is all an act. Everyone has flaws.

It takes time getting to know someone. To love someone it means to love their imperfections as well. If you can't get over the fact that a guy loves talking about video games than you obviously don't care about the guy.

So if you meet a guy who is too perfect he probably is. Don't jump into a relationship until you are sure that he is the one. Sometimes people want a relationship so badly that they overlook the warning signs. The right guy is out there it just takes time knowing the ones that are too good to be true and the ones that actually are good and make good boyfriends.

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