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Beware of red meat

Studies link red meat to high increase in mortality rates

This study published in JAMA (the Journal from the American Medical Association) has some clear findings related to red meat intake in your diet. It studied over 120,000 people and their nutrition over nearly 30 years. Their conclusion was: Red meat consumption is associated with an increased risk of total, CVD, and cancer mortality. Substitution of other healthy protein sources for red meat is associated with a lower mortality risk.

The statistics showed an increase of 13% (unprocessed red meat) to 20% (processed meat) in mortality rates with increased meat consumption. They also estimated that substituting 1 serving per day (with either fish, poultry, nuts, dairy, or whole grains) was associated with 7-19% lowered mortality risk.

Note: for this study, processed red meats include bacon, hot dogs, sausage, bologna and other processed sandwich deli meats. Challenge yourself – switch out a red meat meal with a healthier option and help us to help you live longer !!

Read the full study here : Red Meat Consumption and Mortality

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