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Beware of identity theft

Don't forget to fill out your form but be cautious this year!
Don't forget to fill out your form but be cautious this year!

Identity theft continues to be a huge issue across the United States. Everyday there are new ways this crime is committed and with the census beginning, the Better Business Bureau issued a warning for all consumers.

The 2010 census is underway, workers are out verifying addresses and in just a couple months there will be more than 140,000 workers out getting a head count. With so much information being gathered it is important that you protect yourself by giving out only what is necessary.

Becoming a victim of identity theft is everyone's nightmare. It's important to protect your personal information at all times, especially with the census coming up in March.

Be aware that for the census you will receive a questionnaire in the mail; if you fail to reply, you will be visited by a census worker. Do not give any more information than necessary. "Social Security numbers, they'll never ask for that,” according to the Better Business Bureau. “Do not give that to them. Do not give them any of your personal information for checking accounts or credit cards. It's a free thing, if they are saying it's a thing that you have to pay a small fee for again that's bogus.”

Eventually census workers may also contact you by phone but they will not contact you by email. Be on the lookout for email scams impersonating the census. Never click on a link or open attachments in an email that is supposedly from the U.S. Census Bureau.

If you're interested in viewing the 10 questions on the census beforehand, click here.