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Beware of Enfamil reusable tubs

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As a mom myself, I put my trust in the companies that manufacture and package infant formula. So imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the supposedly new and improved Enfamil packaging is actually, less safe, less hygienic and poses a high risk of contamination.

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The slide show above shows my personal photos taken in a regular Target store showing that the all the lids of the new reusable tubs are not properly fitted and thus do not create an air tight seal. I took these photos in the store to prove that this is not an isolated issue but instead a problem with every single one of the tubs. This came to my attention when I noticed that the tub I had at home was not air tight and that small insects and bugs could get inside the tub and inside the formula. If you closely examine the pictures and also take a look for yourself in a store, you will notice that the lid is attached to the tub by two hinges on the back and a latch on the front, but the sides of the lid do not sit flush on the tub, instead they are raised up and quite loose, allowing air, bacteria and any insects in the vicinity free access to the powder formula. This issue has been reported to Mead Johnson as far back as the summer of 2012 but they have failed to take any action to rectify this issue.

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