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Beware of celebrity diets

Celebrity diets just add more to a saturated medium
Celebrity diets just add more to a saturated medium

Celebrity diets. They're not going anywhere and they show no signs of slowing down. With an influx of new celebrities popping up every so often, the tabloids have an endless supply of eye candy to make you spend a little extra money at the check-out line. It’s smart marketing all rolled into one: slap a before picture of the celeb looking sick and miserable and crop it right next to the after picture of the same celebrity looking thin, young, energetic and giving you a big thumbs up; it’s all topped off with a bright, flashy smile. You can read all about their tip-top secret diet once you purchase the magazine.

It can get pretty frustrating at times, especially because people fall for it everytime. A week doesn’t go by without me hearing about how “so and so” lost 30 pounds and what do I think of the diet?

I thought it would just be easier to air my grievances right here and express in list form all the things that are wrong with this. Let’s just call it the “Rules of the Celebrity Diet.”

Rule #1 – Don’t associate thin with fit and/or healthy. Someone losing weight is a great accomplishment, but without knowing how they went about it, who’s to say that this individual went about losing weight the right way?Did they waste away a bunch of muscle just to reach a number on the scale?

Rule #2 – There is no “secret diet.” Anyone who stays in shape simply manipulates their carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake. This relationship is unique to each individual based on genetic makeup, muscle mass, digestion, and activity level. Unless you go to someone who understands how hormones and food interacts, it can become very frustrating to figure out on your own.

Rule #3- Avoid the extreme. The more extreme a diet is (fasting, weird food combinations, cleanses,starving yourself, etc) the more weight is going to come back at you in a year or two. It’s called yo-yo dieting.

Rule #4 – Listen to people who have lost the weight and kept it off, not a magazine model. If someone regains all the weight back did they ever really know what they were doing to begin with?

Rule #5 – Understand what is “in shape.” So some television star lost 30 pounds – great. Are they strong? Are they functional? Does their fitness carry over into real life?

Rule #6- Get over the hype. The “celebrity diet” is meant to sell magazines – that’s it. So you have to deal with lighting, tanning lotions, stylists, and photoshop to make you think that the celeb is the best looking thing since sliced bread. I have more respect for a mother of three who busts her butt to lose 10 pounds.

Rule #7 –Settle for realistic results. Do you know what the celebrity looked like 7 days after the photo shoot? Water manipulation can go a long way. Stick with real world results that don’t make you lose all your muscle mass just to reach a specific number on the scale.

So I guess you can say I’m not a fan of the celebrity diet. Instead of spending your time figuring out what someone else has done, use that time to figure out what works with you and your current lifestyle. This way, you keep the weight off and get fit for life.

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