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Beware Georgia parents. Predator on the loose; six attempted abductions so far

"Watch the children, kidnappers on the loose attempting to steal children!"
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There is a predator or predators on the loose walking around in many counties surrounding the Atlanta area seeking to kidnap a child.

He/they seem to be persistent and may not stop until he/they are stopped; or he/they finally kidnap a child.

They are targeting areas where they know children will be – toy department – school bus stops – walking home from school, etc.

Walton, Gwinnett, Villa Rica, Bremen, Dacula, and Northwest Atlanta are the areas where he/they have attempted to steal kids; even right out of their front yard, getting off the bus, or in the toy department of a store. See video of man actually grabbing a little girl.

Please be aware of this and keep a watchful eye out for your children; keep them at arm’s reach. Under no circumstances let them even walk next door without someone watching to see they make it okay.

Below are the news reports and videos of these attempted kidnappings – while the vehicle descriptions given are similar; the description of the culprits differ. Many parents fear this could be an organized crime group looking for innocent children for the rapidly growing sex traffic business in Atlanta.

Walton County: Abduction attempt reported in Walton – Two young girls report man following them.

Gwinnett County: Abduction attempts have people on edge in Gwinnet County. January 14, and January 21, 2014

Villa Rica: Police investigate attempted abduction in Villa Rica – January 24, 2014 – photo of alleged kidnapper.

Bremen: This video shows man actually picking up the child inside a department store. The seven year old fought her abductor.

Dacula: Possible Abduction Attempt Reported in Dacula – January 22, 2014 – child getting off school bus

There have been other attempts since before the first of the year. This one was in December, 2013 in Marietta Georgia

It is sad that the world has become so immoral, sadistic, and evil. But they are out there. We can only ask ourselves if in any way we contribute to this evil and violence – the movies we watch – the books we read – the music we listen to – the alcohol we consume – the drugs we take – the lack of godliness in our lives?

Prepare your child to react and to fight and kick and holler. Practice this with them – let Daddy play the aggressor – and do work outs with the children and teach them how to fight back. Do it so often that they become conditioned to reacting. When they are put into a frightening situation – many times kids freeze – so do grow-ups.

It is not enough to just tell them one time that there are bad people out there. Have your children watch the video above where the abductor actually grabbed her and how she fought him. Role play with them to condition them to the ploys that abductors use – want some candy – will you help me find my puppy – could you show me where so-in-so lives?

Chilling report:

Watch this chilling report and video of an experiment where children gladly walked off with an actor posing as a predator.

The report starts: Think your child would never go with a stranger? This chilling experiment proves you are WRONG

Investigation showed fake 'predator' approaching children in the park while their mothers - who had agreed to take part - were distracted

Seven out of nine agreed to go with him thanks to his friendly manner; it only took 90 seconds.

Parents are urged to remind children that all strangers could pose a threat

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