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Beverly Ridge Pictures premieres Chicago short films on Cable 25

Olive Park by Beverly Ridge Pictures
Olive Park by Beverly Ridge Pictures
Beverly Ridge Pictures

Producers of the movie Chicago Overcoat will air seven short films on Chicago Cable 25 on September 21st and 28th at 8:00 pm.

*** Press release by Beverly Ridge Pictures of Chicago ***

The seven short films were shot from 2004-2006 by the filmmakers while they studied film & video at Columbia College Chicago. Although the films were privately screened for their respective casts and crews in 2007, they are just now being made available for the public.

“It was the Shorts Collection that brought us all together,” says director Chris Charles. “We learned our craft shooting short films at Columbia, and applied all those lessons to the commercials and features we produced after college.”

The 16mm and 35mm films cover a variety of genres and plots, but all share one thing in common: they were shot here in Chicago with local cast and crew. They range in running time from about 3-8 minutes, and showcase the many neighborhoods and faces of Chicago. Several actors that appear in the shorts also make appearances in other projects produced by Beverly Ridge Pictures. Like Roy Anderson, who after acting with the filmmakers on a few student films, made a cameo in Chicago Overcoat as a retired detective.

“With each project, we learned a new facet of production,” says producer John W. Bosher, who recently served as a juror at the 2010 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. “Whether it was working with rental houses, SAG, or the film offices, we garnered the experience we needed to work on bigger and better productions.”

Brian Caunter, who directed four of the seven shorts films, drew from the experience to help prepare for his feature directing debut on Chicago Overcoat. “These films mean a lot to us,” Caunter says. “So we decided to give them the exhibition they deserve. And Cable 25 is great outlet for independent filmmakers.”

The Shorts Collection is made up of the following: Olive Park, Mariana Walks, The Last Day, Insidious, Debajo de la Alfombra (Under the Rug), Philco, and The Unconscious Tongues of Abigail Weiss.

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