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Beverly Ridge Pictures discovers revenue for short film “The Small Assassin"

The Small Assassin Poster
Beverly Ridge Pictures

Chicago based Beverly Ridge Pictures is best known for their feature length film “Chicago Overcoat”, an award winning independent film starring Frank Vincent. Feature length films remain the most viable source of revenue for a production company.

However, Producer John Bosher and Director Chris Charles see potential in another award winning project “The Small Assassin”, and have procured distribution through Shorts International.

Shorts TV is available in the US though Direct TV and AT & T Universe. In addition, SI has brought the Chicago short to iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and cable outlets overseas.

Although expectation for revenue is modest compared to a feature film, the promise for short films to produce revenue streams is real. John Bosher is aware of the limitations of short film, but also of their potential, “The demand for short films is nothing like for features or TV shows, so their price points are significantly lower,” Bosher states, “but with increased competition in the streaming market, short films could become more commercially viable in the near future.”

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