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Beverly Mitchell hoarder dies: Woman crushed by her junk, falls in basement home

A hoarder named Beverly Mitchell dies after being crushed and killed by her own junk in her Cheshire home. This frightening incident that seems straight out of a horror movie unfortunately seems to have actually occurred to the 66-year-old woman from Connecticut, as the floor of her house was said to have fallen through into the basement this week due to the heaviness of the mess. Fox News reports this Sunday, June 15, 2014, that police say that this is a particularly tragic case because friends and local social experts had tried to reach out to the hoarder in the past, but she was a "private" lady and refused all forms of help.

Beverly Mitchell, a hoarder, dies when the floor falls through
Wikimedia Creative Commons

Beverly Mitchell was a solitary 66-year-old woman who had a hard time getting rid of things; the apparent hoarder died this week after her first floor living room fell through due to all of the junk. It is thought that the mass of debris fell on top of her in the basement and abruptly crushed her to death. Local authorities in Cheshire have since identified the woman after her body was found dead this Saturday afternoon. The woman is believed to have been deceased for at least a week, as police only investigated her as a missing person once Mitchell’s welfare checks were not being picked up in the mail. A local mailman contacted the authorities out of concern.

According to one police spokesperson, Sgt. Kevin O’Donnell, law enforcement officials arrived at the hoarder’s Connecticut home this Thursday. While the officers had heard that the woman collected junk, nothing too out of the ordinary was immediately apparent on the exterior of Beverly Mitchell’s house. However, it wasn’t until they took a closer look inside the home that they discovered past the high piles of debris and clutter that literally lined the walls was a large hole where the floor had fallen through.

ABC News adds today that it is believed the first floor structure had collapsed due to the extreme strain placed on the home because of the excessive amount of junk. Police officers were not certain whether the hoarder was still inside or if her home was safe to enter, so they broke through a wall in the side of the Connecticut building early on Friday. After moving aside the stacks of debris, they found Beverly Mitchell’s body in the basement under the remnants of the fallen through first floor, utterly toppled by junk.

It looks like law enforcement authorities had tried to reach out to the 66-year-old woman in the past over her habit of keeping too much junk, and the fatal incident has become an “unfortunate” one because it could have been prevented. Social experts also tried to assist the hoarder, to no avail. The relatives of Beverly Mitchell are still being searched for as of Sunday morning.

"It's unfortunate because ... we've tried all along to get her assistance, but she was a very private and solitary lady,” concluded one police officer.

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