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Beverly Mitchell hoarder dies: Hoarder buried as heavy clutter collapses floor

Beverly Mitchell died because she was a hoarder as the first floor of her home collapsed under the weight of the junk and clutter she had piled around her home. This Cheshire, Conn. woman's mail was piling up, so the mail carrier requested a well being check by police. What they found was atrocious.

Conn. hoarder dies when floor collapses under weight of all the junk. She goes down with the junk. Police find her body days later.
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According to Fox News on June 15, the police went to the home on Thursday and did that well-being check, but Mitchell, 66, was nowhere around, so the police thought that she wasn't home and left. They couldn't help but notice the clutter from floor to ceiling in her home. It wasn't until Friday that officials realized the floor had collapsed, taking Mitchell with it.

To get Mitchell's body out of the house, first authorities needed to check the safety of her home. Then they had to actually saw through a wall of her home and use a backhoe to remove debris and clutter to get to her body. The search continued until Saturday afternoon, when her body was finally found among the mess, according to ABC News today.

Police were not strangers to Mitchell or her plight, as they had been out to her house numerous times on well being checks requested by neighbors. Police have tried to help her, hooking her up with social services, but she refused every time.

Police Sgt. Kevin O'Donnell of the Cheshire Police Department said "It's unfortunate because we've tried to get her assistance, but she was a very private and solitary lady." Police had never realized the extent of the clutter she had piled in her home until entering the house on Thursday.

Police are still trying to locate any next of kin for Mitchell today. It is sad how her illness of hoarding actually killed her in the end. The house couldn't take the weight of the junk that she piled up and it literally came crashing down around her. Police are still investigating this death.

Check out the video above as Dr. Phil goes on a tour of a hoarder's home. You can see by this home how much stuff people actually collect who suffer with this disorder.

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