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Beverly Mitchell, hoarder, dies after house collapses under weight of clutter

Beverly Mitchell, a hoarder, died after her packed home collapsed on her. The Cheshire Citizen shared the details on Saturday of the woman's sad situation.

Beverly Mitchell, hoarder, dies after house collapses
Screencap via video

It seems that police were doing a welfare check on Beverly Mitchell after the postal carrier noticed mail had been piling up. As authorities checked on the house, they discovered that the first floor of the home had collapsed into the basement. After finding that, the situation was treated as a hazmat situation and special equipment was brought in for the search and rescue.

After multiple groups worked on the search, the hoarder Beverly Mitchell was found. It seems the debris was so bad in the home that searchers had to cut into the side of the house to find her. Sgt. Kevin O'Donnell says, “This was an accidental death caused by disrepair.”

Sadly it seems that Mitchell had resisted help and services for quite some time. Authorities were familiar with her and said she had been quite reclusive, and the house had been boarded up. When the well check came in they weren't even sure she was at the home, as she also had a history of leaving and not letting people know.

Unfortunately in this case, she was home and died in the midst of her overloaded home. It sounds like a sad situation where Beverly Mitchell's hoarding led to her death after years of difficulty in managing her life.

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