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Beverly Luster - a kind, patient and understanding caregiver

Beverly Luster - a kind, patient and understanding caregiver
(c) Nancy Carey

Caregivers are special people who care for others. They are known for their sensitivity, their giving nature and their nurturing desire to help those in need; a child, elderly or disabled person. Caregivers are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and even non-family members.

Beverly Luster is that special Caregiver. When asked “WHY” she is a caregiver, she replies, “I always wanted to help others!”


Empathy is #1

One of the best qualities a caregiver can have is a sense of empathy for those being cared for. Whether they care for a small child in daycare or helping an elderly person recover from surgery, a sense of personal understanding and connection is vital.


People receiving care typically lack the ability to be fully independent and self-sufficient. Whether it’s a child who can’t express his hunger or pain verbally or a paralyzed house-bound individual who feels trapped and out-of-control, patience is vital to the role of caregiver.

Soothing Nature

Good caregivers know how to calm and sooth those in their care. Being a voice of encouragement is a good quality for a caregiver, as is the ability to calm and reassure those being cared for.


Reliability is a vital trait in a caregiver. People receiving care come to rely on and depend upon their caregivers and often feel a sense of personal attachment.

What makes Beverly Luster a special Caregiver? Her clients sign her praises …

“She is kind, patient and understanding.”

Beverly is a very good worker. She always arrives on time. She treats her patients the way she hopes people will treat her. She is kind, patient and understanding.

Brenda Ragland, RN

“She is efficient, through and goes beyond the all of duty”

Beverly Luster was originally hired to take care of my mother, Dr. Susan Dees, age 89, at that time she had a hip replacement and various other medical problems. Beverly performed the normal nurse assistant duties, but also provided transportation and assisted her so that she became her self sufficient self. Beverly took on the duties of a nanny for my daughter who had twins under a year and was expecting another one.

Beverly has always been on time and has done more than expected. She is efficient, thorough and goes beyond the call of duty. She often stopped by and checked on mother even when she wasn’t on duty. Her duty was in the evenings and weekends.

I have found Beverly to be an extremely thoughtful and capable individual. She often reminded me of medications and activities which would increase the quality of life not only for my Mother, but also for my three grandchildren.

The reason she is no longer with us is due to the death of my Mother and to the social needs of the children. I would highly recommend her for any job which she would consider.

Sincerely, ChiDees Pulley

“She is caring, conscientious, trustworthily and reliable.”

Beverly Luster has taken care of our twins since the day they were born. She is caring, conscientious, trustworthy, and reliable. There has never been a time when we had any concerns when the children were in her care. We even had her stay overnight numerous times to care for them when we were on business trips. She loved them as if they were her grandchildren.

Our son, Parker, has allergies and Beverly has taken appropriate steps in treating his allergies and when his symptoms were severe. She has frequently driven our children safely to various places and activities and never had an incident of any kind. In addition to be reliable, Beverly is often available to help in emergency situations at the last minute.

Truc Brown

Exceptional recommendations for an exceptional Caregiver.

Beverly exemplifies the qualities of a Caregiver. In addition to her title of Caregiver, she is also a Certified Nursing Assistant (Certification of Completion CPR/ AED for Professional Resources and Health Care Providers).

A Caregiver is known for their sensitivity, their giving nature and their nurturing desire to help those in need. Beverly Luster is that special Caregiver – she gives her heart to help those in need.

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Beverly Luster

Midlothian, VA

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