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Beverly Hills medi-spa fixes faces and freezes flab of celebrity clientele

The tiny Beverly Hills medi-spa offers power treatments to celebrity clientele
The tiny Beverly Hills medi-spa offers power treatments to celebrity clientele
Patti Pietschmann

Need your face fixed or some unsightly bulges or flab removed, go see Dr. Kathy Gohar, M.D, a straightforward, no-nonsense medical doctor, whose Facebook page bills as “Cosmetic Surgeon to the stars,” is founder of Beverly Hills Medi Spa, one of the leading skin resurfacing centers in Southern California, andoperates the tiny, but power-packed practice that caters to the facial and bodily woes of its Beverly Hills clientele.

"Surgeon to the stars"
Patti Pietschmann

My introduction to the Center came during a walk through Kathy Duliakas’ pre-Oscars gifting suite at Taglyan Center in Hollywood in February. The company had set up a booth and gave out gift cards for a free facial, which I redeemed at the Center yesterday.

When I arrived Gohar greeted me and took me into a consult room where she discussed the many options offered for facial and bodily rejuvenation such as Radiesse Volumizing Filler—an injectable that targets the five areas of the face that need it most: smile lines, corners of the mouth, chin, jowl and under lips. She went into the Selphyl System aka: the Vampire Face Life, which is a quick fix using “autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that targets those face areas discussed above.

Next the doctor discusses the various fat-removal techniques provided at the Center such as Cool Sculpt a revolutionary, new procedure that freezes unwanted fat cells and gives you that “bikini-ready body” for summer.

Armed with a plethora of self-improvement possibilities, I was then directed to an upstairs treatment room where Honey Pourdavoud, an aesthetician, proceeded to give me my complimentary facial which consisted of a scrub, hydrating mask and a little massaging. She said they use Obagi products. The mostly pragmatic procedure was visibly devoid of pampering or extractions (which most of us prefer to forgo). I think the emphasis here is on the more in depth services, which it would appear most people go there to get.

The medi-spa is at the Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center, 436 N. Roxbury Drive, suite 115, 310-275-4155.