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'Beverly Hills Housewife' Lisa Vanderpump gets jiggy with it on DWTS

Lisa Vanderpump with Giggy
Getty Images/ David Becker

Whether watching any of Bravo's Housewives series is a guilty pleasure for you or you watch because you have to, aka my boyfriend, because your significant other has you left with no other choice, there is no denying that these ladies are laughing all the way to the bank. As long as we are talking about them, they remain relevant. Many of them are also parlaying their Reality TV fame into bigger ventures & ultimately security for when they either get booted from the show, or the series ends.

This week, Beverly Hills Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump & her pooch, Jiggy, made their debut on ABC's 16th Season of 'Dancing With The Stars.' This no doubt will increase her popularity among the masses. I've always admired Vanderpump, as she already had her own successful thing going when she joined Bravo's Beverly Hills Housewives. She & her husband of 30 years, Ken, are co-owners (or at least "51%") of Sur Restaurant in Hollywood, as well as Villa Blanca Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Bravo is now even doing a Reality show, which takes place at Sur called, Vanderpump Rules. On this weeks DWTS, Lisa & her partner, rookie pro hottie, Gleb Savchenko, scored a total of 18 from the judges. I give Giggy a 10, as he made an appearance on stage with Vanderpump, looking oh so dapper in a tux. Few things make me smile more than seeing Giggy do his thing on TV.

Around the corner from Vanderpump's Villa La Blanca in Beverly Hills, is fellow Beverly Hills housewife, Kyle Richard's new women's clothes store, Kyle by Alene Too. I've been there & have to say, I love it. I have always been a big fan of the way Kyle dresses & her style, and you can see her touch on all items in the store.

Other's working it from the RHOBH are Brandi Glanville, who seems to pop up everywhere these days. One of her ventures she is out promoting, is her new book, 'Drinking and Tweeting.' Whether you love her or hating on her, one thing is for certain, she is brilliantly milking her 15 or more minutes of fame, while, in her defense, keeping it real.

We also saw on this week's episode that Adrienne Maloof has a new premium vodka she's promoting called Zing. I must admit the red velvet flavor has me intrigued. To Adrienne's credit, she too supposedly came onto the show having already been a successful business woman. Her family, the Maloofs, are owners of the Sacramento Kings. Luckily, she was able to utilize Bravo as her medium to launch her new business, before getting booted. Rumor has it that she's not invited back next season.

Next week, Monday March 25, is the finale of this season's Beverly Hills Housewives, followed by the Reunion Show Part 1 & Part 2 the following week. I won't miss all the toxic drama that sometimes plays out on the show, but I will miss having them on my screen, whether it's to satisfy my weekly guilty pleasure or to have that little bit of inspiration to start my own thing. Luckily, Villa Blanca, Sur & Kyle by Alene Too are just a hop, skip & a jump away. There's also that chance that Lisa & Giggy will make it all the way to the end of DWTS or at least til the start of another Housewives series.

'Dancing With The Stars' airs Mondays at 8-10 pm on ABC.

Bravo's Beverly Hills Housewives airs Mondays on Bravo-TV.

The dramatic Beverly Hills Housewives Reunion Special Part One airs on Bravo, Monday March 25, following the RHOB Finale.


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