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Beverly Hills doctor helps middle-age professionals reach optimal health

Dr. Campion and administrator James Grogan in their Cenegenics office. Both men have personally gone through the program.
Dr. Campion and administrator James Grogan in their Cenegenics office. Both men have personally gone through the program.
Don Simkovich

Mental fatigue, physical weariness, and the risk of increased sick time are challenges that older professionals face as they age.

Many people attribute the body slowing down as an inevitable process of growing older. A doctor in Beverly Hills doesn't agree that age means losing one's vitality or having one's executive function slip away.

A Doctor's Personal Experience

Dr. Paul Campion practiced as an ophthalmologist and now runs a Cenegenics clinic on Wilshire Boulevard near San Vicente. He says he had the extra weight and slower reactions and increased fatigue that come with middle age.

"I was getting a belly and not feeling as sharp or motivated as I had been."

During a flight, he leafed through an airline magazine and saw an ad featuring Dr. Jeffry Life, a physician in his 70s who has the muscular physique of a man in his 30s and is the national symbol for Cenegenics.

Dr. Campion measured at 27 percent body fat when he started Cenegenics and eventually achieved a body fat level of 9 percent—a level that professional athletes attain.

Cenegenics Principles and Practice

I asked him how Cenegenics works and he showed me the rooms in his office with a body-scanning device, an exercise room plus the equipment and strategies to help patients change body fat to muscle and embark on a nutritional program and exercise regime that's right for their physical composition. It's a specific process.

"We review lab sheets every 3 months to analyze how your body is changing. Blood tests are done throughout the year with 5 full sets of labs looking at hormones and inflammatory markers." Dr. Campion said a body composition test is conducted.

Hormone balancing is one of the techniques and Dr. Campion acknowledged the controversy.

"Testosterone has been demonized, especially in the sports world where it's used for a specific end that isn't necessarily focused on one's health.

"Keeping hormonal status moderate and healthy is linked with extended health benefits."

He's seen many patients lose 2 pounds a week and drop 40 pounds within the first 3 months.

Hormone balancing allows the skin to be filled out with muscle and prevents the sagging effect from losing weight.

One Basic Health Tip

I asked Dr. Campion if he could summarize what most Americans don't understand about their health.

"What goes in your mouth is very important."

He mentioned that the wrong foods like those that are high in sugar develop belly fat and lead to increased inflammation. Cenegenics and the accompanying lifestyle it promotes reduces the inflammation and that helps slow down the aging process.

Dr. Campion says people have a physical peak in their 20s but people who are in the later years of being middle age can enjoy the vitality they had in their early and mid 30s.

Click the Cenegenics-Los Angeles website for details on hormone balancing and other aspects of the program.

For additional reading, click here for a more detailed interview with Dr. Campion.

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