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Beverly Girl's Feather and Dust: Album Review

Funk band Beverly Girl knows how to start an album. The beats are impressive, dynamic and overwhelmingly addictive. On their album, Feather and Dust, the band provides reasons why they have received notable radio play and have a matchless approach in the electronic funk/rock arena.

Beverly Girl's Feather & Dust
Beverly Girl

"One" starts the 8 song set. It is reminiscent of an 80's #1 hit, full of heavy drum machines and bass synth programming provided by Artur U, a member of the band. Singer Johanna Saarinen captures the lyrics perfectly singing them in a mellow tone. This allows hers voice to nestle superbly within the beat. "In the Street," is one of those songs that you will find yourself playing over and over and over. Full of everything one could want in a song, Beverly Girl feels as if they could be huge in the arena of funk.

"Go With What You Got" follows a similar 80's sound as "One" but carries a heavier sound with the bass synths and percussion immersing themselves against Saarinen's voice. The only issue with this song is that it is not long enough. By the time the listener gets to "Open Door," they are taken into a Beverly Girl caravan complete with a rocky edge with a Sonic Youth flair. The song will move, motivate and is perfect for soft rock and alternative radio alike. The final song, "Wind" reiterates why the band has received accolades at the Helsinki Pride 2013, Bassline Festival 2013 and has been described as "one of the most original and potent newcomers in the Finnish scene by Flow Festival.

Beverly Girl is a Finnish band that burst on the scene roughly 2 years ago. Impacting countries around the world and catching the ear of music blog writers, the band has some of the most engaging music to emerge in quite some time. Beverly Girl's Feather and Dust will blow listeners away. There is something about the band that is infectious and will definitely have the writer of this review - and others looking to see what else they have to unveil to the electronic funk world.

Final Grade: A

Prime cuts: "One," "In the Street" & "Go With What You Got"

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