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Between the lines with Steve Berry (Q&A w/ event details)

Steve Berry will present 'The Lincoln Myth' at Hyatt House in Shelton this evening.

Today, Hartford Books Examiner welcomes Steve Berry.

Mr. Berry will celebrate the launch of his new novel, The Lincoln Myth (Ballantine Books, $27.00), with a reception and book signing at Hyatt House in Shelton presented by The Friends of the Shelton Libraries this evening. (See event details below.) He is the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author of the Cotton Malone adventures; his books have been translated into 40 languages with more than 17,000,000 copies in 51 countries. Mr. Berry Steve Berry was born and raised in Georgia, graduating from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University. He was a trial lawyer for 30 years and held elective office for 14 of those years. He is a founding member of International Thriller Writers—a group of more than 2,600 thriller writers from around the world—and served three years as its co-president.

The Lincoln Myth is Berry’s tenth Cotton Malone novel. Publisher’s Weekly noted that Berry “provides starting new perspectives on the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and Abraham Lincoln’s decision to fight the Civil War … Berry’s skillful blend of history and supposition will intrigue his many fans.” Further, the Associated Press praised, “Berry uses his extensive knowledge of law and history for an alternate look at events in U.S. history, and he has delivered a compelling story that's his best novel in years.”

From the publisher:

New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry returns with his latest thriller, a Cotton Malone adventure involving a flaw in the United States Constitution, a mystery about Abraham Lincoln, and a political issue that’s as explosive as it is timely—not only in Malone’s world, but in ours.

September 1861: All is not as it seems. With these cryptic words, a shocking secret passed down from president to president comes to rest in the hands of Abraham Lincoln. And as the first bloody clashes of the Civil War unfold, Lincoln alone must decide how best to use this volatile knowledge: save thousands of American lives, or keep the young nation from being torn apart forever?

The present: In Utah, the fabled remains of Mormon pioneers whose nineteenth-century expedition across the desert met with a murderous end have been uncovered. In Washington, D.C., the official investigation of an international entrepreneur, an elder in the Mormon church, has sparked a political battle between the White House and a powerful United States senator. In Denmark, a Justice Department agent, missing in action, has fallen into the hands of a dangerous zealot—a man driven by divine visions to make a prophet’s words reality. And in a matter of a few short hours, Cotton Malone has gone from quietly selling books at his shop in Denmark to dodging bullets in a high-speed boat chase.

All it takes is a phone call from his former boss in Washington, and suddenly the ex-agent is racing to rescue an informant carrying critical intelligence. It’s just the kind of perilous business that Malone has been trying to leave behind, ever since he retired from the Justice Department. But once he draws enemy blood, Malone is plunged into a deadly conflict—a constitutional war secretly set in motion more than two hundred years ago by America’s Founding Fathers.

From the streets of Copenhagen to the catacombs of Salzburg to the rugged mountains of Utah, the grim specter of the Civil War looms as a dangerous conspiracy gathers power. Malone risks life, liberty, and his greatest love in a race for the truth about Abraham Lincoln—while the fate of the United States of America hangs in the balance.

Now, Steve Barry reveals a few pages from the book of his life …

1) As a child, did you wear your literary lust loud and proud or were you a closet bibliophile?

Loud and proud. Reading was always encouraged for me, both in school and at home.

2) What book(s) were you likely to be caught keeping company with under the covers?

Hardy Boys were my childhood treats.

3) What are you reading currently & what is your initial impression?

A whole bunch of non-fiction for my 2016 novel. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the subject matter. I read between 300 - 400 books for each novel.

4) What one book do you always recommend when asked?

Anything by James Michener

5) Which of your own books would you suggest to readers & why?

I love all of my children equally, so I never show favoritism. But, if pressed, I would always encourage readers to enjoy whatever the latest work would be. Right now, that’s The Lincoln Myth

6) Is there a book or author that readers would be surprised to know you’ve read and liked?

I can’t imagine. I read a wide variety of material on many, many subjects. Nothing overtly shocking.

7) Who is the one author that would, or did, make you weak in the knees upon meeting?

Sharon Kaye Penman. It was quite an experience meeting her. Nobody does historical fiction today better than her. I was definitely weak kneed.

8) Has there been an “I’ve made it” moment in your career?

Bouchercon 2005, after my third novel. I was there among a slew of thriller writers and suddenly realized I was now one of them. It was a definite ahha moment.

9) What is your greatest literary ambition?

To keep doing it.

10) Fill in the blank: Hartford Books Examiner is _____.



With thanks to Steve Berry for his generosity of time and thought and to Deb Zipf, Senior Publicist at Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc., for facilitating this interview.

The author will appear at Hyatt House this evening at 6:30 PM for a reception and book signing. This fundraiser is presented by The Friends of the Shelton Libraries. Tickets for the reception cost $150/person and include a copy of The Lincoln Myth, a meeting with Steve Berry, seating for the book discussion, and access to the Wine and Dessert Bar. General admission is available for $50/person. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling (203) 924-1580 or emailing No tickets will be sold at the door.

Location: 830 Bridgeport Ave. in Shelton.

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