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Between the Buried and Me thrash Montreal

Between the Buried and Me
Between the Buried and Me
Shawn Kilmer

January 27th, 2010, it was a cold and snowy night in downtown Montreal, but the performance in Club Soda by Between the Buried and Me was sizzling hot. The amazing technical skills showcased by the band in their precision of notes hit was nothing short of dazzling. It was difficult not to admire lead guitarist Paul Waggoner's display of the guitar. It was a sight to behold, watching his fingers make the sounds on the guitar.

While listening to any Between the Buried and Me album, it's hard to picture them recreating their intricate songs in concert. And that's the true beauty of watching them perform. It's one thing to head bang and slam dance, but truly admiring their technique is something special.

Between the Buried and Me opened their set with two tracks from their latest album "The Great Misdirect". Starting with "Obfuscation" and then continuing straight into "Disease, Injury, Madness". The band took a very brief break to address the crowd before playing some of their older material. Vocalist/keyboardist Tommy Giles Rogers was intense as he jumped from across the stage, shaking his hands in the air like a blind preacher, all the while growling out the lyrics.

They ended the set with their epic, "Swim to the Moon" (which clocks in at almost 18 minutes long). The crowd couldn't get enough, after the band left the stage there were chants and stomps, begging them to come back for an encore. The entire audience erupted with cheer and applause when they returned. Rogers asked the crowd what song they'd like to hear. After a couple moments of waiting, he announced that they would play "White Wall", the album closer for their 2007 album, "Colors". 

Everyone at the show left that night with huge smiles on their faces, discussing with their buddies about how great the band was. Well, they did when they regained their hearing anyways.

The opening bands were Scale the Summit, The Devin Townsend Project, and Cynic. Each showcased their own unique blend of metal, as well as winning over the crowd.

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