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Between Dark and Light

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Happy Spring all! This is the time we celebrate, or at least know, that there is a balance between the dark winter we came from and the light spring and summer ahead. That place or space between the two polar opposites is the grey zone, or perhaps the neutral place where the transition from dark to light happens. Addicts/Alcoholics that come from their darkness into the light of program have somewhat the same transition and it is not easy.

Over the many years I have been sober (34+) I have seen fellow addicts come from that dark space into the light of recovery and I have witnessed the opposite---going back into the dark. It is often called a slip or relapse. Many say there is always a choice somewhere along the line to leap from one to the other---the choice to pick up again---the setup for the next drink or fix---or is there? There seems to be a mystery in some cases where the dark of going back out just grabs the addict and sometimes they don't make it back.

All sponsors, who are people working steps with others, reach across into that dark space and help their fellow addicts into the rooms of AA/NA but some don't grab onto the hand that is reaching out. It is heartbreaking to see those who either choose to stay in the dark or just can't make that transition. Some 'can not or will not get this simple program' as we read in our literature.

I have to believe that if diligent, if working the program one day at a time (ODAAT), if asking a HP (Higher Power) for the right thought and/or action, if staying connected to the light side as suggested in AA/NA (all the A's) an addict will stay in recovery and at some point will be a recovered addict, recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of body and mind.

All I know is that I have been working a simple program for these many years and so far, so good I remain recovered and for that I am very grateful.

May all who suffer from the darkness of active addiction find the light. Happy sobriety in this happy springtime of 2014.