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Betty White death hoax; fans tricked to think actress is dead

Betty White is victim of death hoax
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for TV Land

Betty White is well and working hard, but not all of her fans know she is alive. The accomplished entertainer is the latest victim of a death hoax by a satire website and the inaccurate information has been shared all over the world. According to the Just Jared on Wednesday, the fans have misread the article thinking the star is no longer alive.

The viewers of the article obviously have jumped to conclusions on the inaccurate information. The article features an alleged quote from Betty White about dyeing her hair blonde all of these years, but is says nothing about the actress no longer living. The difference isn't quick to spot and people apparently are sharing the information before realizing they have been tricked.

The Orlando Sentinel reported the confusion by the fake news and the wordplay in the headline had fans very sad on Twitter. Mixing up the words “dye” with “die,” people didn't realized the article was satire before it started trending around the world. Sharing a quote from the actress, the fans made the mistake of thinking the star wasn't talking about fixing her hair.

Over the past 12 hours, fans have been offering up condolences and sharing stories about the actress. People seem to have heartfelt messages about the actress and how she impacted their lives. The good news is Betty White isn't dead, so fans can tell the 92-year-old actress how she has changed their lives without getting teary eyed and sad. It is great to confirm that Betty White isn't dead!

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