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Betty White death hoax: Actress is still alive and well despite reports

Betty White
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for TV Land

New rumors are out that Betty White has passed away, but there is no truth to this at all. The "Golden Girl" is still alive and well. On Wednesday, LA Times confirmed that this is just a death hoax and that you can't believe everything you read on social networks. The website Empire News started it all and they are known for making up fake news. This time it wasn't fake though instead was just made to confuse people.

They actually shared the news saying that she dyed in her home. If you notice, they spelled it wrong and they did it on purpose by going on and talking about how she dyed her hair and not actually died. Their website went on to talk about how she is not a natural blonde and that this has been revealed to the world now.

Her agent spoke out and said that she is busy right now because she is working. Jeff Witjas said, "She is on the set shooting 'Hot in Cleveland' right now." There are older photos out there of Betty White that show her with darker hair so it is true that she is not a blonde, but there is nothing true about the rumors that she is dead.

Fans can watch Betty White on TV Land in her hit show "Hot in Cleveland." This show is doing great and it is great to get to enjoy watching her every week. Hopefully she continue to make great television shows for a long time. Luckily her health is doing just fine right now and Betty White is not dead.

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