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Betty Crocker's antiques come to auction

Margaret McKeegan one of the women who cooked as "Betty Crocker" in the 1950s
Margaret McKeegan one of the women who cooked as "Betty Crocker" in the 1950s
Walt Kolenda

Where on earth did this stuff come from? That's a question I get often and to be honest, my answers are all over the map. Sometimes it comes from the average person who just has too much and needs the room and/or cash that liquidation will bring. Sometimes I get large lots from a business liquidation.

Often I get calls from estate executors that want me to sell the contents of someone who's passed. Once in a while, the deceased is famous or semi-famous.

A few months ago I got a call from a Mr. Bob Whitehair to come and look at a large amount of estate merchandise he's accumulated in the last 10 years from several estates that were left to him. The first estate was his brother's, a Dr. Stanley Whitehair of New York who was among all things, a rocket scientist! Dr. Whitehair held 26 patents and it was said there wasn't a thing made he couldn't fix!

The neatest things from his lot were, techie toys such as brand new Lego sets in the original boxes, scientific kits & tools etc. I thought these would sell best on eBay rather than in my live auction so that's where I sold them. Bob has told me there there is a huge storage space full of things in NY yet to be dealt with and I can't wait to go up and see them!

Now the story gets better because one of the other estates Bob was executor for was his mom's. His mom he told me was Betty Crocker! Well, I knew that Betty was not a real person and was just about to tell him that I thought he was pulling my leg, when he beat me to it. "Betty Crocker didn't really exist" he said, but my mom was one of the women who took on the persona and did a lot of cooking for the General Mills corp. and contributed greatly to the Betty Crocker Cook Books during the 1950s. My wife hated going to her house because she was so intimidated" he joked. "My mom was an impeccable housekeeper and had an enormous test kitchen that was set up to experiment for the General Mills corp. Should could cook anything and before she worked for the food company, she was a scientist.

Indeed, Margaret McKeegan as she was known back then, had her own TV housekeeping show and worked for the General Mills company for years.

OK, that's all pretty impressive you might say, but let's cut to the chase. What did I get from her collection? Well, I didn't get any picks from the first round if items, that went to family and relatives a while back. But I did get some great things and they'll be sold on Sept. 8th, 2013. Here's a link to the auction. (If you came across this article after the auction, it might be fun for you to visit the link to see what some of "Betty's" things sold for!)

Among the things I'll be selling in the Sept. 8th auction from "Betty's" collection are:

  • lots of estate jewelry
  • mid-century modern furniture
  • linens, lace and fabrics
  • fine china
  • art

Here are pictures of some of my favorite things from this estate!

Thanks for reading! I've been in the auction business for 30+ years now and am always happy to help others learn how to buy. I hope you'll subscribe to my articles and learn with us.

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