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Better than the Bumbo and cheaper too

Summer Infant Seat
Summer Infant Seat
Lauren Wanger

For those of us familiar with infant gear terminology, we all know what a Bumbo is.  If you don't, it is a seat made of a soft, but sturdy foam material that infants can sit in.

Widely a favorite on baby registries, the Bumbo retails for 39.99 and has a tray companion for an additional 10.99, totaling about $50.

In recent years, the Bumbo has come under some scrutiny due to infants falling off the device on a higher surface.  These infant seats are meant to be placed on the ground and used under adult supervision.

I have a Bumbo and I really do like it.  However, my 6 month old recently learned how to arch his back and even on the floor, I found him trying to arch his way right out of the seat.

I found an even better seat than the Bumbo that I highly recommend.  It is the Summer Infant Super Seat Booster/Infant Positioner by Summer Infant.  This seat is a 3 in 1 combo and retails for $49.99 at Babies R Us. 

It is an infant positioner like the Bumbo, but has two options.  You can use the foam insert for smaller babies, or remove the insert for larger babies. Unlike the Bumbo, the Summer Infant Seat has an added level of security with a strap in belt.

The Summer Infant Seat is also an activity seat, as it has a tray that goes all the way around with toys and a place for snacks/cup.  Finally, when your baby is old enough, it transitions into a booster seat that secures onto a chair. 

My son tried this new seat today and his substantially sized thighs fit much better into the Summer Infant Seat than the Bubmo.    Light weight like the Bumbo, both are easy to transport.  All things considered, I would have to recommend the Summer Infant seat.  It does just as much as the Bumbo and much more.


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