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Better Than Ezra & Bowling for Soup WinStar World Casino show

Bowling for Soup
Bowling for Soup

This past Saturday, July 17, Better Than Ezra and Bowling for Soup brought their entertaining, rock and roll greatness to WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, OK.  The show took place in the casino's Global Event Center.  Through the years, WinStar has built their business from a tiny operation to a full scale casino showcasing different areas of the world with every slot and table game the casual or serious gambler could want.  Wanting to give artists a true experience, WinStar designed a luxurious backstage area for pre-show preparation and relaxation.  For more information on the backstage area and an artist's point of view, check out the upcoming interview with Bowling for Soup.

Better Than Ezra w/ Bowling for Soup

A little after 8;00pm CST, the lights dimmed, and a hilarious intro song for Bowling for Soup came over the sound system as the band made its way on stage.  Anyone who has seen this group live knows they build their shows around a sincere desire to have fun, entertain, and make the audience laugh.  They began their set by proclaiming to be the best rock band in the world and to prepare for a show like none other.  Here is their set list:

  1. Hooray for Beer
  2. Ohio
  3. Almost
  4. High School Never Ends
  5. Punk Rock 101
  6. Cover of Katy Perry's Hot n Cold
  7. Theme song to Phineas and Ferb
  8. Girl All the Bad Guys Want
  9. 1985
  10. A Really Cool Dance Song

True to form, Bowling for Soup took short breaks in between songs as well as in the middle of songs to chat with the audience, drink a beer, and joke around.  The band truly knows how to entertain a crowd and keep them on their feet for the duration of the show.  The Dallas Local Music Examiner has attended several Bowling for Soup shows and observed many different crowd make-ups.  This crowd had a fairly large amount of people who came just to see Bowling for Soup.  A significantly large portion also included people who came to gamble and happened onto the show or received comp tickets.  Even the people who had no prior experience with Bowling for Soup enjoyed the show immensely and interacted with the band.  Although shorter than their normal sets, the show was quite enjoyable and was on par with their other PG-rated shows (WinStar instituted a no swear word rule according to Better Than Ezra).

After a ten to fifteen minute intermission, Better Than Ezra took the stage.  Equally as entertaining, they put on a tremendous show.  Like Bowling for Soup, they played an abbreviated set compared to their normal shows.  Better Than Ezra interacted with the audience as much as Bowling for Soup, but had a distinctly different sense of humor.  Bowling for Soup has a more in-your-face, playful sense of humor, whereas Better Than Ezra is more dry and easy-going.  Their on-stage personalities serve as obvious examples of the cities where they formed.  Better Than Ezra hails from southern Louisiana, and spent a large portion of their lives in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

The two bands complimented each other quite nicely.  Better Than Ezra's crowd reaction was perhaps more impressive than Bowling for Soup's due to the fact that few of the people in attendance claimed to know much of anything about Better Than Ezra.  In spite of the unfamiliarity, the crowd was on their feet, fully immersed in the music and entertainment of the band.  Here is their set list:

  1. Good
  2. Lifetime
  3. Absolutely Still
  4. Extraordinary
  5. King of New Orleans
  6. Black Light
  7. Breathless
  8. Juicy
  9. Desperately Wanting
  10. In the Blood (not performed)

Overall, everyone enjoyed both acts quite a bit.  Check back soon for video footage of attendee's reactions to the show.  If you have any questions, or were at the show and want to voice your opinions, e-mail or leave a comment below.  As always, feel free to subscribe to the column by clicking the link at the top of the page to receive new articles delivered to your e-mail, free of charge.  Keep a look out for a series on Secondhand Serenade and White Tie Affair leading up to their show at The Loft in Dallas this Wednesday, July 21.


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