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Better store signs, let customers know you are professional

Better store signs, let customers know you are professional.
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Easel signs provide an added marketing venue for stores in strip malls or a free standing location with street visibility.

But just as the sign might be effective in presenting a professional image to potential customers they could do harm if not used properly.

Far too often the slide-in lettering is in disarray. Letters have slide from one word to another, sometimes forming a different message. These sloppy signs are a tip-off that other details are not important to the proprietor or management team.

Sloppy signage can also be in the form of missing or burnt out light bulbs in street and façade signs or window signs. Handwritten signs also fall into the category of sloppy signs.

Given the number of professional sign-makers in the Detroit area there is no excuse for amateur and sloppy signs.

It just takes an entrepreneur with an eye to detail and the ability to look at the establishment from the eyes of a potential new customer.

This is excerpted from “Send customers a positive message”, part of the “How to” series at, a website based in Rochester Hills, Mich., dedicated to business and individual growth. Used by permission.

© Max Impact, used with permission.

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