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Better Skin While You Travel from San Francisco to Switzerland

The Palace Luzern is one of the World's Leading Spas
The Palace Luzern is one of the World's Leading Spas
Palace Luzern

Spas are a big deal in Europe and while I won’t delve into the whole ‘mixed sauna’ situation; I can safely say some of the most beautiful spas I’ve ever seen are here in Switzerland. You’ve probably read, ‘you need 8 hours of sleep to replenish your skin,’ but what if you don’t have 8 hours to sleep every night? That’s exactly how my lifestyle was for a couple years in San Francisco starting in 2011 – work all day, run errands, dinner, checking out events, blogging until 3 am and then waking up again at 8 for work. I needed to find a solution to maximize my 5 hours of ‘beauty sleep,' so I started visiting the steam room. Just last month I visited the Palace Luzern Spa and realized quickly the benefits of a regular spa visit and how to continue the feeling at home.

How to Know if a Spa is Really Worth It? - After getting suckered into a couple Groupon ‘spa’ deals, I learned my lesson. There is absolutely no reason to splurge on a spa unless you can truly relax and stay a few hours of pure relaxation can make anyone’s skin look and feel younger. The Palace Luzern Spa is beautiful and even had this Relaxation Room where you could lounge as long as you wanted, nibble on fresh fruit, before and after your treatment.

Here are some facial confessions. Trusting your make-up free face to an esthetician is not always pleasant. They see every imperfection, but you should never feel uncomfortable or even worse, have your skin or products you use at home insulted. I’ve had facials with no steam, no extractions, that felt like 10 layers of oil were being massaged into my pores. Those are the bad ones. You should feel relaxed the entire time and the best facials I’ve had involve a light peel, extractions, a tingly toner, a head a neck massage and most importantly, when you look in the mirror after it’s all done, you have no redness. This is exactly what happened at The Palace Luzern. It’s one of the best facials I’ve had since Nob Hill Spa in San Francisco last year.

Here's how to Continue the Feeling at Home. Estheticians tend to massage lotions and products in a circular motion especially light around the eyes which you can do when you wash your face at home and apply moisturizer. Try taking a few deep breaths when your head hits the pillow to calm your skin as you fall asleep. And if you’re joining a gym, splurge on the one that gives you have access to a steam room. Also, a product I’ve loved for years is Clarisonic Cleansing System. It truly exfoliates.

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