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Better Skin and Hair While Losing Weight with the GM Diet

Many people these days compromise their health for their exterior beauty and usually follow diets that have a huge drawback on their organism later on. There are very few options that both help you lose weight, look better and help you health-wise.

The GM diet might just be the answer

If you are looking to lose weight in a short period of time and improve your general health this diet can help you achieve these goals. As the title states the diet not only makes you thinner but will improve the look and feel of your skin and hair as many followers reported that after the 7 days the texture and feel changed for the better.

It is highly recommended that during the diet plan you also treat your skin and hair with moisturizing creams and take good care of them for the effect to increase. Also, doing sports and usually cardio in the same period will improve your metabolism and help you burn even more calories.

More about the diet plan

This program was introduced by the General Motors company (hence the name) a while back after a really successful attempt to help their employees increase their life quality and efficiency at work. Because of the huge budget the company had they hired a couple of nutritionists and doctors to come up with this final 7 day diet plan. It proved to be a success as its use expanded outside of the company and even in distant countries as India, where it became increasingly popular.

As the diet has both an aesthetic and health result it splits in 2 main phases. The first one is called the cleansing period and has as a main objective the use of fruits and vegetables to help your body cleanse itself of the toxins accumulated until now. The second part continues with adding protein sources to the diet and different food combinations to help shedding fat by increasing your metabolism while maintaining muscle mass.

As a general tip, remember that the more muscle you have the easier it becomes to lose fat as muscle is a really big caloric burner for your body.

Until now we talked only on general terms about the diet program but it is time for me to present the actual plan for each of the 7 days.

  • The first day you are supposed to eat only fruits with the exception of bananas and from this moment on remember to drink lots of water and stay away from bread.
  • The second day of the diet is vegetables only and you should start it with a boiled or roasted potato in the morning to give you energy.
  • As for day 3 of the diet, you should combine the previous two rules into one. This time you must eat both fruits and vegetables, but still no bananas or potatoes. Also avoid oil and salt.
  • Day 4 will allow you at last to eat bananas, and a bunch of it too. You can eat up to 10 bananas during the day and drink skimmed milk with them. Also, consuming a lot of vegetable soup is recommended.
  • Day five and six of the program are pretty much the same so we group them together. Now you are allowed to eat both meat and brown rice. The type of meat recommended is either chicken breast or beef with low fat content but remember to avoid any type of pork meat. You can even make your own burgers with meat and salad but try to limit those if you want results. Besides this you can eat vegetables of any type (except potato) and drink any vegetable only soup.
  • The last day of the diet consists of drinking mostly fruit juice of any kind you please, eating raw vegetables and cottage cheese for protein.
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