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Better Outcome?

Better Outcome?

The General Assembly have been “moving” to pass bills whereby there are some bills that are still pending that need further consideration. One bill in particular is that of SB350 which emphasize bidding out foster care and casework to private entities. This has been of interest in Georgia considering there have been incidents that have raised questions among the community and legislation. It is however common knowledge that casework is overwhelming due to the number of children in foster care, but there are serious contentions among legislators and the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). This bill is being held with consideration not to pass by the Senate.

It appears that privatization of child welfare services is on the horizon in Georgia and will mirror states that have taken on privatization with success in Florida and Illinois but notably in the state of Kansas. It appears that Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services will have to strategize with their administration teams to revisit internal operations. Though there have been efforts made by the Division of Family and Children Services to capitalize on strengthening their workforce with continued training and internal initiatives, the proof will ultimately reveal itself when children are placed in safe environments that have been assessed in accordance with procedural guidelines.

Georgia like many states has had to endure many hardships but in the end continued focus is on the safety of Georgia’s children. With that, SB350 will be under a microscope as the fate of foster care and casework contracts have become the target of controversy. Let’s hope for a favorable outcome!