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Better out than in: Honda's exports from US exceeds its imports for first time

Honda 2014 Odyssey
Honda 2014 Odyssey

For the first time in 30 years, Honda Motor Co North America ended up racking up nearly $2.700 billion in sales by exporting more cars from its factories in the US than it imported into the country.

In fact, the company’s executive VP Rick Schostek, stated that Honda North sent 108,705 Hondas and Acuras to 50 countries while importing only 88,537 vehicles from Japan. Among the biggest customers last year was Mexico, where it will open a new plant in Celaya to make the Honda Fit subcompact beginning next month.

Honda has spent the last three years expanding its operations here as well as in Canada and Mexico to the tune of $2.7 billion Schostek explained “That's part of a strategy designed to boost production in the U.S. and make cars close to the markets where they are sold.”

To date Honda has 7 auto assembly plants in North America, including four it plant in Marysville, OH, where it became the first Japanese automaker to actually own a plant in the United States back in 1982. The first cars to roll off the assembly line at the time were Accord sedans.

The first Honda to be sold here, however, was the tiny Civic back in 1973.